Our Goals

  1. Distribute of up-to-date medical information on lung cancer
  2. Provide mental support and guidance for patients and families coping with lung cancer
  3. Make personalized medicine accessible to patients
  4. Help to exercise social rights
  5. Support funding and promotion of lung cancer research
  6. Encourage programs for early diagnosis of lung cancer
  7. Activities to expand the Israeli medicine basket for patients at risk and those suffering or recovering from lung cancer
  8. Promote public activity against the tobacco concern to limit smoking and to reduce the number of smokers in Israel

About ILCF

The Israeli Lung Cancer Foundation was established in April 2014.
It is an apolitical organization that deals with issues related to patients at risk or who have suffered or suffering from lung cancer and their families. The Israeli Lung Cancer Foundation supports the oncology patient and his caregivers, including assistance in medical information, making inquiries about advanced treatments, prevention, early detection, and more. We are the voice and face of lung cancer patients, esteblished a sharing community and represent this comunity to stakeholders. The organization promotes the incorporation of lung cancer screening in the Israeli health system.
It is a non-profit organization, committed to the code of ethics.

Our Vision

Our Vision

A world in which lung cancer is a preventable, treatable, and curable disease. A world in which lung cancer patients and their families enjoy optimal quality of life.

The Founders

Prof. Nir Peled

Prof. Peled is an expert in internal medicine, lung and oncology, director of the Oncology Institute, Soroka Hospital.
Prof. Peled is Chairman of the Lung Cancer Department of the European Lung Association and Chairman of the International Committee for the Prevention and Early Diagnosis of Lung Cancer. Prof. Peled is a pioneer in early diagnosis of lung cancer and the implementation of personalized medicine using biological treatments.

Dr. Shani Shilo

Dr. Shilo, a dentist and PhD holder in biochemistry from the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, a postdoctoral fellow at the Ohio State University in the field of wound healing, is engaged in biotech research and development. Her husband was diagnosed in July 2011 with stage IV lung cancer, at the age of 43, a never smoker. During this journey and coping with her husbands disease, the experience that was acquired, the understanding of the unmet needs for the patient and the caregiver, Dr. Shilo decided to establish the first patient organization in the field of lung cancer in Israel. Shani and her husband have two children who were 9 and 6 years old at the time of diagnosis.

Board Members


Lian joined the board due to her daughters illness. Lian'ss daughter, Sapir, was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer an the age of 19, when she was still serving the Israel Defense Force IDF. Sapir is doing well and treated thanks to the new developments in the field of lung cancer. Lian has another daughter, and works as a manager in the foreign workers in agriculture field.


Dr. Abed Agbaria, an oncologist, is the director of the new Oncology Institute at Bnei Zion Hospital. Director of the Community Oncology Unit affiliated to Clalit Health Services in Nazareth. Director of the Oncology Institute in Assuta, Haifa. He serves as a senior consultant in the Oncology Unit of the "Holy Family Hospital" in Nazareth. Dr. Abed Agbaria handles chest tumors and is considered one of the leading experts in the field of lung cancer treatment in Israel. In addition, Dr. Agbaria is an active member of the pulmonary department of the Israeli Society of Clinical Oncology and Radiotherapy.


Shani was a medical student at her 3rd year at Tel Aviv University, year when her mother Paula was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer, at the age of 48. Paula had sadly passed away a year later. Shani today is married with 2 little girls, and is doing her medical internship in Internal Medicine at Sheba Medical Center


Ofra studied at the School of Visual Theater in Jerusalem and in the English Devon Traffic Clinic Certificate Studies. In addition, she graduated from a rehabilitation yoga course in Wingate
Treats rehabilitative yoga in people with physical problems. Ofra joined the board following her husbands diagnosis at the age of 50 with stage 4 lung cancer.
Recently, Ofra presented a show called Ants in New York, which was created after her husband's diagnosis of lung cancer.

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